Melvin C. "Red" Danneffel  ‎(I11)‎
Surname: Danneffel
Given Names: Melvin C.
Nickname: Red

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 15 January 1912 41 31 Watervliet, Michigan, USA
Death: 19 January 2005 ‎(Age 93)‎ Watervliet, Michigan, USA

Personal Facts and Details
Birth 15 January 1912 41 31 Watervliet, Michigan, USA

Marriage 2 June 1934 ‎(Age 22)‎ Ruth Evelyn "Root" Paul -
Globally unique Identifier 12103C878AD62B4D8C46F2A7975B1D558C75
Death 19 January 2005 ‎(Age 93)‎ Watervliet, Michigan, USA

Burial 24 January 2005 ‎(5 days after death)‎ Keeler Cemetary, Keeler, Michigan, USA

AddressMelvin Danneffel
69145 80th Ave.
Watervliet, Michigan 49098
Phone ‎(269) 4633504 ‎
Last Change 1 October 2005 - 20:57:05
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Parents Family  (F18)
Albert Danneffel
1870 - 1943
Jessie Burg
1880 - 1972
Dean Danneffel
1897 - 1967
Robert Danneffel
1903 - 1972
Ward Alden "Pousy" Danneffel
1907 - 1972
Melvin C. "Red" Danneffel
1912 - 2005
Earl "Buss" Danneffel
1914 - 1989
Albert "Babe" Danneffel Jr.
1921 - 1987

Immediate Family  (F4)
Ruth Evelyn "Root" Paul
1913 - 2008


He remembers back when he worked for $1.00 per day, but you could buy alot for a $1.00 too.
He bought his fathers 80 acre farm in 1945 after farming on shares with his father for a few years and continued farming the rest of his life on this centenial farm.

He also was a welder with a small welding shop that neighbors brought their broken machinery to be repaired at usually a very reasonable charge. He also built flower bulb graders ‎(for Zirk Welding)‎ in his shop for a few years to supplement the farm income.

His farming was made a little more difficult for 3 years ‎(1953-1956)‎ during which time he owned a grocery store/resturant in Lawrence Michigan with his brother Earl. The store was know as "Rutt's Grocery", the previous owner's name was Rutt and the name was never changed.

He started doing some wood working in later years to supplement their income, mostly making children's toys, lawn ornaments, bird houses etc. and attended local bazar's to sell them. At age 86 his was diagnoisted with prostate cancer but treatment was succesful and the cancer was in remission in just a few months. In 2004 at age 92 he is still doing some wood working but has problems with his back causing him to use a walker to get around. Mom ‎(age 90)‎ and him are still taking care of each other and living on the farm with some assistance from their sonand daughter.

BURIAL: Melvin went to be with the Lord on Jan. 19th after two days in the Watervliet Community Hospital. He died of natural causes and went peacefully in his sleep. The funeral was held at Calvin Funeral Home in Hartford, Mi. The Rev Sandra McNary and Rev Wayne Babcock officated and interment was at Keeler Cemetery in Keeler, Mi. on Jan 24th 2005. Paulbearers were: Robert Paul, Greg Danneffel, Butch Krugman, Robert Demske, John Bisnett and James Danneffel. Food and fellowship was at Keeler Kegin Keeler Mi. following the grave side service and was attended by approximately 70.

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Family with Parents
Albert Danneffel ‎(I13)‎
Birth 23 May 1870 39 36 Keeler, Michigan, USA
Death 7 April 1943 ‎(Age 72)‎ Keeler, Michigan, USA
11 years
Jessie Burg ‎(I14)‎
Birth 16 November 1880 Bainbridge Twp., Michigan, USA
Death 16 September 1972 ‎(Age 91)‎ Keeler, Michigan, USA

Marriage: 25 November 1896 -- Milburg, Berrien, Michigan, USA
8 months
Dean Danneffel ‎(I15)‎
Birth 7 August 1897 27 16 Keeler, Michigan, USA
Death 12 August 1967 ‎(Age 70)‎ Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA
6 years
Robert Danneffel ‎(I18)‎
Birth 12 December 1903 33 23 Keeler, Michigan, USA
Death 16 December 1972 ‎(Age 69)‎ Watervliet, Michigan, USA
4 years
Ward Alden "Pousy" Danneffel ‎(I16)‎
Birth 2 June 1907 37 26 Keeler, Michigan, USA
Death 14 November 1972 ‎(Age 65)‎ Watervliet, Michigan, USA
5 years
Melvin C. "Red" Danneffel ‎(I11)‎
Birth 15 January 1912 41 31 Watervliet, Michigan, USA
Death 19 January 2005 ‎(Age 93)‎ Watervliet, Michigan, USA
3 years
Earl "Buss" Danneffel ‎(I19)‎
Birth 31 August 1914 44 33 Watervliet, Michigan, USA
Death 7 November 1989 ‎(Age 75)‎ Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
7 years
Albert "Babe" Danneffel Jr. ‎(I17)‎
Birth 10 April 1921 50 40 Keeler Twp., Michigan, USA
Death 29 September 1987 ‎(Age 66)‎ Watervliet, Michigan, USA
Family with Ruth Evelyn "Root" Paul
Melvin C. "Red" Danneffel ‎(I11)‎
Birth 15 January 1912 41 31 Watervliet, Michigan, USA
Death 19 January 2005 ‎(Age 93)‎ Watervliet, Michigan, USA
15 months
Ruth Evelyn "Root" Paul ‎(I12)‎
Birth 19 April 1913 Watervliet, Michigan, USA
Death 1 March 2008 ‎(Age 94)‎ South Haven, Michigan, USA

Marriage: 2 June 1934